• Going "Off the Grid"
    Now is the perfect time to invest in alternate energy sources. Eastern Energy Services, Inc. has been at the forefront of the growth of renewable energy sources. We can survey your home or business and review with you the whole package from concept and financing, to installation and positive cash flow.

See what Eastern Energy Services, Inc. can do for you!

  • Perform Energy Surveys
    Our energy surveys can help identify areas where your home or business is losing money! Let us conduct a survey on your property and help manage you energy needs.
    Backup Power System
    The IndoorGenerator Backup Power System is specifically designed to be used indoors during power outages. Let Eastern Energy Services, Inc. show you how you can stay powered when those around you are in the dark.
    Wind Turbines
    Wind turbines allow homes and businesses to harness the strength of the wind for their own power. EES has your options for wind power.
  • Solar Panels
    The sun is the oldest energy source on the planet. It continues to supply free, sustainable and emission-free energy. Allow us to install solar panels on your home or business so that you can take advantage of this free energy source.
    Energy Conservation
    Through energy conservation and energy management, Eastern Energy Services, Inc. can help you address the impact your home or business has on the environment.