About Eastern Energy

Eastern Energy Services is a leading provider of oilfield services in the Gulf Coast area focused on completion, intervention, and production services.  It is headquartered in Laurel, MS.  Eastern Energy’s wide array of product lines enable it to service customers operating a range of well types from conventional onshore wells, to high pressure, high temperature unconventional wells.  Eastern Energy Services supports customers in several basins including the Haynesville Shale, Texas Austin Chalk, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, Southern Louisiana, and conventional fields in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.    


Eastern Energy Services, Inc. was originally established in Laurel, MS as Eastern Fishing & Rental in 1993.  From 1993 until 2003, the company serviced the area from the Florida panhandle to southern Louisiana offering a wide array of fishing and other services.  In 2003, Nick Welch purchased the majority of the company from its original owner, Randy Wall, and grew Eastern’s product line offerings in the region.  Mr. Wall, the original founder, retired from Eastern in the Spring of 2021.  Sadly, Mr. Wall passed away in 2022.  In 2004 and 2008 Eastern purchased two other fishing and rental companies in the market and continued to grow. In 2011, leveraging Mr. Welch’s previous experience owning Flare Stacks & Production Well Testers, Eastern expanded into the flowback and pressure control product lines to better support the needs of its growing market. Moving into these product lines allowed Eastern to develop expertise working in ultra-sour and high CO2 Gulf Coast conventional fields in Alabama and Florida.  

In 2019, Nick Welch bought out the remaining partners and acquired 100% of Eastern Fishing & Rental. In 2018, Eastern made its entry into the Haynesville Shale basin and opening a flowback yard in Longview, Texas. From there, Eastern continued to grow its offerings in the Haynesville Shale adding pressure control and torque and test services. In 2020, Eastern opened a fishing yard in Longview.  With the growth in multiple product lines not related to fishing, Eastern Fishing & Rental was rebranded as Eastern Energy Services.  In 2020, Eastern Energy Services acquired the NextTier coil division in Laurel, MS and began to offer coil, nitrogen, and acidizing services along the Gulf Coast. Later that year, Eastern expanded its coil services into the Haynesville market. In September 2023, Eastern Energy Services acquired Conquest Completion Services which operated large diameter coiled tubing units in Midland and Pleasanton, Texas. Eastern now offers services across all product lines from districts located in Midland, Pleasanton, Longview, and Marshall, TX as well as Laurel, MS and Cottondale, AL. These districts enable the company to serve our customers from the Delaware Basin in New Mexico to the panhandle of Florida.