Emissions Reduction

In partnership with CP Energy Services, Eastern Energy Services developed the patent-pending Total Gas Resource Recovery (TGRR) system to capture fugitive emissions during drill out operations. The system consists of a custom-made separator that is capable of moving large volumes of sand and fluid while separating the gas from the fluid returns. TGRR is rigged up downstream of the manifold in front of the fluid tanks. Gas that is captured by the separator is either sent to flare or compressed and sent to a sales line. 

On drill out operations, TGRR has recorded instantaneous gas flow rates in excess of 1.2 MMscfd while drilling out in “balanced” conditions in the Haynesville. TGRR prevents this gas from being vented at the tank which both improves safety and reduces harmful methane emissions. 

For operations where the captured gas will be compressed and sold, TGRR comes with a 3 stage compressor that is capable of discharging at 1,250 psi at a maximum rate of 400 mscfd. The TGRR team is currently developing a larger compressor package that can handle higher flow rates and the large variations in rate associated with drill out operations.    



  • TGGR™ Gas Capture System