Flowback & Well Testing Services

Eastern Energy Services has been providing flowback services since 2012 along the Gulf Coast. Eastern has a wide range of experience with all types of onshore wells including high pressure wells, high temperature wells, high CO2 wells, and high H2S wells. Eastern can supply equipment and personnel for any flowback or well testing operation. 

In the East Texas market, Eastern provides equipment and personnel for frac operations, drill outs, production flowback, and well interventions. Our flowback packages were custom built beginning in 2018 to support modern Haynesville operations. Eastern is proud to have been on production flowback for a number of the highest producing wells in the Haynesville achieving a top IP24 rate of 63 MMscfd through our equipment.   

We offer a full range of cyclonic sand knock outs including 5k, 10k, and 15k. After each job, our equipment is thoroughly torn down and inspected by our experienced shop technicians. Every component is checked for wear and tested to ensure it is ready for the next job. We also work with 3rd party inspectors to certify our iron yearly.

Out of the Laurel, MS yard, Eastern provides personnel and equipment for flowback work on conventional new drills, cavern work, tie-backs, and interventions. We are accustomed to working on high H2S wells along the Gulf Coast as well as high CO2 wells in EOR fields. 




  • Gate Valve Manifolds (Hydraulic or Manual)
  • Plug Valve Manifolds
  • Plug Catchers
  • 2000 psi, 3-phase Separators
  • Flares