In the event that pressure release systems fail, an oil well blowout can occur. Blowouts are the uncontrolled release of crude oil or natural gas. A blowout can be catastrophic, destroying vital equipment and injuring or killing personnel. BOPs ensure a safe job site.

BOPs, or blowout preventers, shut off the valve that trails underneath the machinery to stop liquids from surfacing during an explosion.

Eastern Energy Services offers high-performance trailer-mounted hydrostatic test units, paired with knowledgeable local supervisors. The system was developed with improved efficiencies in mind, offering savings on customers’ time and money. Proper testing ensures the integrity of your equipment and the safety of personnel. Our supervisors understand API torque specifications and the equipment they are working on.  

We are proud to offer Operator Qualified (OQ) & Abnormal Operations Conditions (AOC) supervisors who understand both the equipment and client operations.




  • Single, Double, & Triple Rams
  • 5k and 10k
  • Annulars
  • Adapters