Coiled Tubing Services

Eastern Energy Services operates a fleet of 14 coiled tubing units in sizes ranging from 1 ¼” to 2 5/8” out of its yards in Midland, Pleasanton, and Marshall, Texas as well as its yard in Laurel, MS. The 2 3/8” units are primarily active in East Texas and North Louisiana. Our largest unit, CTU 7, can spool 28,000 ft of 2 3/8” pipe and has successfully reached TD on wells in excess of 26,000 ftMD.

Eastern has a broad range of coil experience including new well drill outs, coil-assisted frac, pipeline clean outs, nitrogen jobs, acid jobs, sand perforating, tubing clean outs, and velocity string installation and removal.


  • 1.25” through 2 5/8” Diameter
  • Nitrogen Services
  • Acidizing Services